are notes different in June and Dec??

Hiya, I’m new here and going to take Dec exam in London Just wondering if the schweser notes are different in Dec and June?? can I use my friend’s notes of June exam for studying?? Thank you very much:)

They’re the same.


Does it mean the CFA syllabus remain the same, more precisely do the LOS remain same per year?

LOS remain exactly the same for the calendar year

Hi, I am planning to study solely from CFA material … is that enough or do i also have to refer to other material ? Please advice.

Its more than enough. For some people (myself included) the CFA books were too time-consuming and for some chapters they were actually pretty bad. I went the prep provider route, but you’ll be fine if you can give it time.

@ JonnyKay - Can you provide a list of chapters for which you think CFA books are time consuming and pretty bad. The reasomn why I am asking is because I intend to refer to CFA books for most of the syllabus, but for chapters that are time consuming and bad I will refer to other material.

Having been through the test, I would only advise you to use the CFA books for Ethics, EOC questions and summaries. Other than that, I just referred to the books when I needed some clarifications. Doing the EOCs and reading summaries gives you belief that the prep materials do cover all the points. I was disappointed in the curriclum’s coverage of econ stuff like dead weight losses etc. I started with quant and stuff like TVM and hypothesis testing was so much easier using prep provider material that I stuck with them. Look 6 months ago I was where you are now. There is considerable uncertaintly and perhaps some pressure too, but no one is an expert here. Do what works for you. Start off with an area you are pretty comfortable with and see what works best for you.