Are old mock exams for level 1 sufficient?

I am a CFA Level 1 retaker. I didn’t take any mock exams during my first attempt nor do many practice questions. I have Schweser mock exams from 2010, 2011 and 2012. I also plan to take the official mock exam from CFAI when it gets released. Will these be sufficient?

I assume you’re asking if they’ll be sufficient in addition to re-reading the curriculum and doing all the practice questions in the curriculum. If so, then yes that should be sufficient if you were band 7 or higher. If you were band 6 or lower, you really should reconsider your participation in the program.

BTW, if you are retaking L1, you are not a L2 candidate.

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Why do you identify yourself as a L2 candidate?

that aside, i think they certainly help but it’s hard to say if they are sufficient because i don’t know how bad you did on your first attempt. if you had absolutely no clue, then i strongly advise you to do all the readings again, but if you failed at band 9/10, then i suppose just doing the mocks and practice questions and re-reading sections you struggled on may work?

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