Are real exam questions independent of each other?

I’ve noticed in the practice exams there are a few questions that rely on previous answers. I find these to be incredibly problematic b/c then if you miss 1 question you’ll miss the next few even if you do everything right on the rest of the questions.

I read somewhere that CFAI does not make their questions repeat or if they do they will post it like this: Q1. what is the variance of the regression Q2. Pretend that the variance of the regression was 0.85, what is the correlation? but I don’t remember where I read this.

Schweser says that these dependent questions do exist, but there aren’t many of them. There was one in the '06 test found in book 7.

Some of the questions last year were 100% reliant on previous questions. For instance, you might be asked to compute the Franchise PE and then the next question might be to compute the intrinsic PE. Or you might be asked to compute the T stat in one question and then determine whether you can reject the null in the next.