Are Schweser materials out yet?

I ordered Kaplan Schweser for the June 2015 CFA Level II exam…and I haven’t received any of their printed study materials…and it appears their online program has not been populated yet.

Is this an error? or have they not finalized their materials yet?

last time i checked on the site, the estimated availability for the print materials was 10/29. I assume that the materials should be available prior to this date, however.

It’s been in print since the 10th of September I believe.

Schweser website clearly tells that Printed curriculum is only available in Oct and doesn’t indicate what date.

They are accepting pre-order at the moment and providing pdf format.

only 4 books are available in the ebook version except for book 4 , it costs extra USD 20, they dont provide pdf version ,it is available via vitalsource according to thier customer service and what i actually recieved.

the printed version will be avilable by 29th of octoberaccording to their email.

I need Schweser too. How much does the printed cost?

I need Schweser too. How much does the printed cost?

USD 379 for the printed version

Anyone else waiting for the October print to be released?

I ordered two weeks ago and am not sure if I should cancel the order and move to Ellan?

Also are you guys studying from the Curriculum in the meantime?

I used Elan for Level 1 and have to say their scheduling is worse. They were late on their order when I used them. Their material is very good though. They made up for being late by throwing in a free eleventh hour guide for me and their prices are a lot cheaper so I might still go with them for L2.

You should be studying from the curriculum and only use 3rd party material as a supplement. I’ve read elsewhere that you can’t just rely on 3rd party for L2 and L3, unlike L1. I started quant last week and I’m struggling to understand the concepts already. Everything is new, unlike L1 where I’ve seen most of the stuff in undergrad.

just ordered schweser and only ebooks are available. waiting for qbank still. when they say october 2014 i’m guessing that means october 31 2014?

I called Kaplan last week. They said the earliest date is Oct. 29, and they assured me they would not charge my credit card until the package has been shipped. I went ahead and place my order. Read FRA and Equity from CFAI materials already. I’m pumped up to knock this out!

^ how is it so far? i went thru ethics econ and quant not too bad yet

One of my gal-pals received her level 3 Shwesser Notes printed books today.

I got email from Kaplan and material will be ready on 29/10… (printed version)

Wendy you are a continuing source of inspiration.

I don’t think it’s bad. Memorizing it all and testing well is another animal. I don’t fear tests anymore thought because I’ve taken so many; SAT, ACT, LSAT, Bar exams, MPRE, CFA LI, etc… I look at it as memorizing a concept and applying it to a slightly different set of facts…

Kaplan just sent me a receipt. I’m assuming that means my books are on the way…

What is this madness?