Are Schweser videos sufficient?

Due to time constraints, I am studying only from the Schweser videos.Until now, I have been able to understand the concepts well and also answer the questions from the curriculum exercises.

Can someone tell me whether this is sufficient or should I go through the curriculum readings too?

If yes, are there particular readings that have to be done from curriculum (I know that Ethics has to be done from curriculum books)?


Are you studying for L1 or L2?




So, can I study from Schweser or curriculum itself? Because until now, I am able to solve all the exercise questions.

Have a crack at some CFAI EOC questions or Blue Box questions and see where you stand. Or if you’re feeling really confident, try a practice exam. I think you’ll sing a very different tune after that.


I am talking about CFAI EOC questions only when I said exercise questions. Well, you are right though, I should take a practice exam. I’ll know where I stand then. Thanks!

I’ve been doing that approach, learning from the Videos primarily… but in addition, I’m also doing related Finquiz and CFAI problems after each Video. I’m liking the scores I’m getting on CFAI although my Finquiz scores are a bit lacking… this is from just watching the Videos and reading the Schweser + CFAI summaries. I only go back to read Schweser notes and CFAI text if I still can’t perform reasonably well on the problems and don’t find the videos sufficient.

I passed L1 with that approach (using Schweser Q-bank instead of Finquiz) but we’ll see if it works with L2 in a few months…

Fair play to ya’ll if you can do this. Vids and questions…no reading of hte materlal? Well I’ll be damned!!xx

Seriously, not even Elan videos which are extremely detailed (i.e. LONG), but Schweser videos? Man, I wish I could take the approach above - I’d already be done with the curriculum & onto mocks - when did you start, if you dont mind me asking?

I started preparing in March. I would watch Schweser videos, then go through the curriculum real quick to see whether anything has been missed and then crack the CFAI exercises. I am not sure how effective this is going to be, but I have no other option as of now. Each reading takes me about 4-5 hours including the exercises.

I have to add that I don’t have any more commitments so I study for about 12-15 hours per day.

I started in late 2012, but back then I was just reading and skimming the CFAI text… I’d read a chapter and not understand anything at the end (seriously).

Then I did the approach above starting in February. I’d watch a Schweser video on a topic, then hit up Finquiz for practice problems, and drill drill drill for hours on end. I don’t care if I score poorly at first; I just keep doing the problems and reading the explanations for the ones I got wrong. If I see clear patterns of not understanding something and repeated mistakes, I go back and read the CFAI text on that subject. I already finished the material and started doing mocks last weekend.

Thanks! That gives me some hope :slight_smile: I too do not skip anything if I do not understand a concept or do not get an answer right. But considering that I am hard pressed for time, I am glad that there is someone else who’s on the same boat.

If you don’t mind me asking, how well are you scoring on your mocks?

I followed a similar approach. Scheweser videos + schweser end of chapter question and CFAI ECO. IF scored badly I would go back and read the corresponding chapter. After finishing every section I would go the Schweser Qbank, and do a couple of 30 questions quizes.

I started in February, and finished covering the curriculum 2 weeks ago. Last week I did a LOT of Qbank. Mainly 60 question quizzes covering every section. I was able to get an average score of 75%.

This week I’ve been checking on some of my notes, specially for FSA and CF which is my weakest areas. This weekend I will try with the CFAI mock exam…

Only did 1 mock - Schweser… scored about 60% right now (but it also helped identify weak areas which I’ll be going back to CFAI text to read.)

Helpful - thanks for sharing.

Did/Are you doing FQ individual questions or Item Sets or both?

I actually elected to do only the individual FQ questions on my first pass through (during my post-Video drilling.) I found that the item set format actually got in the way of understanding the material. Once I felt more confident, I threw in item sets, but I make sure not to exhaust them so I have more to do in this final 6 weeks of studying.