Are the CFA books worth to keep?

I have stayed in the US for past couple of years which includes the time that I studied for all three levels of the CFA exams.

Now I am planning to go back to my home country, and among my personal stuff, those books - CFA curriculum and schwesers books for all three levels, about 30 books with 300 pages each - are the heaviest and they cost a lot of money to ship.

I barely use them and the only reason to keep them would be to remind myself of the time that I studied hard and get motivated. Should I keep them or not…?

I still use them once in a while. Could probably get the same info on line though. I would certainly s-can the Schweser stuff.

I would keep. it’s nice to reference

My recommendation to you is no.

Since you’re moving and CFA texts are so heavy and bulky, you can probably let them go. I have saved e-copies so i don’t keep any of my books. :slight_smile:

Plus internet is your friend these days, there are more up-to-date info online and if you’re stuck on something, you wouldn’t go to your books, you go to GOOGLE!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

E-books are always another option.

Sell them on ebay (not sure what you’ll get). Then buy them back from somewhere in your home country. Better than throwing them away or paying to ship them. Even if you only got a couple of the levels, it’ll be nice to have as references.

I love your avatar.

Please, don’t keep the books.

I generally recommend that people keep L2 & L3 CFAI books if they have the space, as they can serve as a useful reference source. Shipping them overseas at great expense is probably not worth it though.

I suggest you be selective and keep the Econ and Quant & Fixed income for L1 and L2, Equities of L II. If you had Stalla material the L 1 Question bank CD was awesome but I suppose it must have expired now. If you have stalla material then keep the FRA for L 1 and of course Peter Olinto’s invigorating sessions. The L III material is entirely your discretion.

The authors of Econ and Fixed Income were simply gr8 Miachel Parkin and Frank Fabozzi. You cant imagine chucking out the books of these Stalwarts. I would keep them for my whole financial career.

I think I would keep FI, Derivatives and Equity with me… But definitely not worth shipping it across for sure!

I use my level 2 books for reference - especially the equity book. It’s been handy for reference. I’d definitely recommend keeping the books since you already have them.

I could not part with my books. There is way to much blood sweat and tears in those things, although I don’t think I would ship them overseas.

it is funny to hear someone say bloody sweat and tears… most of us know what you are talking about at some point of life during the prep. ebook is a good idea, if I have to left the physical books behind.

I will ship those books if I must. It will be nice to have grand kids pouring over my books, thinking how great grand dad was in his days.

My original markings and all will mean something to those little kids…

Sounds like my ex-wife. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears I put into that relationship. Although at some point, I was certainly able to avail myself of it.

The blood sweat and tears appear in the form of highlighter, coffee stains, penciled in notes in the margin, and of course, real tears. They’re all beat up too. They look like they have been to Syria and back.

For Pete’s sake, keep them! When I passed the CPA exam in my country, I gave away all my books. Now, I regret that. Hope that you won’t have the same regret. Reason being, at some point, you will need them for a specific topic that you have long forgotten. And believe me, it pays to have recalled a certain topic by reading back from its source.

Have those books couriered to your home town rather than pack them up together with your goodies. That extra cost will be worth it. =)

+1 on Babsfrey. Add them to your memorabilia =)

Use them as a cheap stand for your computer monitor…

donate them to the local library