Are the EOC itemsets in CFAI books representative of the actual exam?

I hear that the actual exam iteset will be 1.5 - 2 pages long. So any one who written the past exams, can you say it is representative of the book eoc itemsets in terms of length and difficulty?


You never know what’s going to be on there. Anything is fair game. EOC’s are a good gauge.

in terms of length - > yes

in terms of difficulty -> a mixed bag

Hey. don’t mind (and also don’t laugh at me) but… aren’t we NOT supposed to discuss what’s on exam? I mean length is Ok. But if you discuss difficulty, wouldnt it be violation? Reason I ask is, I genuinely am confused. I also have many doubts regarding format of level2. (example, Every item set is for a particular topic. Say one item set is for Equity, now is it possible that within that they might also test us on Quants - multiple regression Q related to that Equity Item set?.. or say there is PM item set within which they throw Qs concerning FI/Equity securities?) But I don’t ask as I am not sure which Q will be a violation and which will not.

from what ive seen in the quants EOC’s i personally believe the item sets on the actual exam will be much longer…like 2 pages atleast

to pierrewoodman - likely to be more ‘tricks’ on the exam but nailing the EOC concepts will definitely provide you the base knowledge to make it through the questions. It works best if you go through the questions and throw some of your own ‘what ifs’ in there just to see if you can trick yourself.

switler - what you CAN NOT do is take the exam then come back here and discuss specific questions/potential answers. I believe just talking about potential exam set up and how to best prepare for it is fair game.

Thanks… I have observed some forums are more strict on discussing even simpler things for fear of violation! :slight_smile: