Are there any jobs available for CFA in IL

After doing my CFA I am unable to find even a Analyst job in Chicago IL. So my question is If any one of you is working in investment bank or so how did you guys got in? and if anyone knows if anyone is hiring in chicago IL. Need help

Try Fitch and Morningstar… I think they have pretty big operations in Chicago.

There are quite a few shops that have satellite research offices in Chicago. My boss, myself and our associate are the only research team from our NY-based investment bank that are located in Chicago. I also know of a few more research teams that are around (one is even in our building), as well as quite a few buy-side shops that are based here. Sorry, but I have no idea who is hiring. You should get in touch with some headhunters, but, without experience they may not be interested in helping you break into the industry. You could at least check out their websites, though for info regarding what companies are out there hiring. What position are you in now - does it qualify as CFA experience, or have you simply passed all three? What industry would you be interested in covering? I would suggest joining the Chicago CFA society (or whatever it’s called) to network and at least find out what companies the members work for in town. The reality is that research can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection and a cell phone, however, most banks will have research headquarters at the main office (which is why most research is based out of NY). Senior analysts can often make the case that since they will be flying so much to visit companies and do marketing, they can work from whatever office they wish (their hometown, like my boss who has never left Chicago). If you have access to BigDough, then you can do a search on Chicago-based research, on both the buy- and sell-side. Good luck in your search, and congrats on passing the CFA!

Since nobody (myself included) offered up any real leads for you, I went ahead and made a short list of sell-side research that is either based in Chicago or has more than one team that is located here (that I know of): Barrington CSFB (small team) First Analysis Fox-Pitt Kelton Howe Barnes Jackson Securities Michelle Applebaum Research Morningstar Next Generation Equity Research Raymond James (small team) Robert W. Baird (small team) William Blair There are even more buy-side shops located here, but I’ll leave that for you to dig up.

cfa/banking/Chicago yields 11 hits on switching to finance shows 31 jobs; financial services shows 26.

Citadel, Calamos, and much more.