Are there any late well i started today for level 2 in june

Well as usual im late for all, started today and having abt 300 study hrs at disposal… having CFAI books in hand… any ideas guys … is there any one like me to join a late study group, im from Srilanka

(prefer from SL,US, India)


  1. tease each other to push for this short time crash course lol

  2. get help on difficult areas

  3. share matetial

  4. make friends ofc lol


Hi,I’m in the same boat with you haha I’ve just started yesterday and going through the regression stuff at the moment. I’m studying from Seoul, South Korea currently working at the Eighth United States Army. Nice to meet you~

started tuesday and just finished to (Re)read the standards (200pages) and it was a waste of time … not a great way to start this thing

Just started today but I work slow so I’m a little nervous (I can’t just read through things, I have to pretty much re-write every word I read). good luck to us both!

Well we have three on the same boat i guess… well i strarted with Options and want to finsh off the most difficult ones… would like to share the summary… and hope each of us can do that each day or may be weekly… can we create a group ? any suggetions or shall we share here… let me see how others have shared study stuff here… and if is seem to be a nother web link i will post here…

Starting tomorrow (Friday) so you’re fine. I also know a kid who is smart as hell who hasn’t started either who will definitely pass that works 12 hour days, but he also doesn’t have the most glorious social life so he’s got ample time on weekends. I’m gonna start on stats n learn what the heck the word heteroskedacity or whatever means. I’ve been wanting to learn this word for a while. Definitely a little intimidated by the harder curriculum

well u seemd to be not sleeping… im at work now :)thanks for the encouragment… well Stats will be my next study eara… let continue this tread till we get a fromal group… Chath

hi guys i added one days work…

hi guys i added one days work…

Hi all, I just registered yesterday and gotten my ebook confirmation. Time to get busy.

and btw, I’m from Malaysia.

Hey I m also on the same boat…started today…plz include me alos in the group:

@Chath123 : Good idea mate. Lets organize this more wrt the study summary notes. Starting today too from India!

Hi All, nice to know I’m not alone. Started today! Please add me to the group as well.

From Sydney…

Hi all, I just started this week as well! Good to see that there are other people starting late like me, don’t feel that nervous now, lol!!

Dear i too have started just 3 days ago and currently working on regression which i find difficult to grasp and particularly multiple regression. I have taken irfanullah video which is quite good and finstructor mock test which offers hard questions in the range of 3500 questions. I first try to solve schswer easy question and then go to CFAI books and after that mock test. I have bit time so i can do that. If any of you have taken elan video then we can share this with each other.

One thing in cfa ii questions are asked in vignette form so how can we practice more questions of that type? As only practice helps in CFA II unlike in CFA level .

Guys, maybe we can all share our tentative study plans; in terms of the order of topics and the time we intend to spend on them. I have started with FRM, will try to finish reading from Schweser by Feb 23rd (am not working currently)

Intend to CFA EOCs for the respective topics, once I finish FRM, Equity and Quant, in that order!

Hi Guys,

I am also on same boat started from today, would like to be part of your groups, lets keep discussing .Lets share our progress & anything worth sharing regarding preparation.Lets keep motivating & inspiring each other , so that every one succeed together. I am ok with Quant, started now with Econ. Would like to finish as quickly & will start from Heavy wt area like FRA & Equity , as critical to give more time for passing.This strategy atleast works very well in L1 for me.

By the way I am from India (Bangalore).

Note from a person who passed after studying for 3 months (about 92 days):

I am going to start studying for the CFA LVL 3 Exam this Saturday (about 100 days from the exam).

I started studying for my June 2011 CFA LVL 2 Exam on March 1, 2011, and I passed. No Problem; I don’t consider myself as a Finance Genious either.

There is no need to worry. Of course, the reason I say this is because I passed the Exam (not will flying colors, but I still passed). 3 months is enough time to pass.

For me, starting like 6months prior to the exam date is a poor idea because then

you will spend too much time relearning what you studied 3 months ago… anyways.

my god i was too busy with studies as i could not log in to this… i completed Options, Swaps and forwards and futures in theory… i guess now we have a group here … can we make this formal…how about a Skype group or a google group the late comers lol…we we need to shared our own study plan 1st as OMG has suggested… my skypes is also chath123

@cfaandaicpa, can you let us know what material you used and how you planned your 3 months of study!

Looks like I’m not going to be able to finish FRA by 23rd, as planned. Could not study over the weekend due to some personal stuff. Well, let’s see how it goes!