Are these scores adequate?

Schweser Practice Exams Volume 1: Exam 1 AM: 84% Exam 1 PM: 82% Exam 2 AM: 79% Exam 2 PM: 83% Excluding Exam 1 AM, I scored less than 70% on the ethics sections which really worries me. Can someone advise whether or not one can pass and get <70% on ethics?

I guess you must target 90% in schweser to scrape thru. These look inadequate for a pass.

95% or you wont pass.

i found the schweser ethics question to be a lot more drawn out and misleading than the cfa sample/mock ethics questions

I think your right…I did better on ethics on the Sample and I will write a mock tomorrow and see how that goes.

i would say you’re probably in good shape. i wish i was in your shoes.

don’t bother going to the exam with these … …i don’t know what u r looking for by posting