Are Time value of money and NPV/IRR heavily tested topics in Quant?

This part seems to heavily calculator oriented. I’ve been enjoying tapping my calculator time and time again lol. (On a side note I hate the BA II Plus Professional calculator, the keys are kinda hard and not very responsive for my taste) Anyway I started following Kaplan Schweser’s progress chart and here’s what they recommended. I’d skip ethics till the very end. Cheers

Quant as a whole is about 5%-10%. If you understand TVM in general and know how to take full advantage of your calculator, I don’t think you need to spend a lot of time on it.

It’s finance… TVM is all we do.

Don’t exaggerate.

In truth, it’s probably only 75% – 80% of the exam.

Keeping Ethics for the last may not be a good idea. One time read of Ethics may not take you to above 70% marks. If I were still a candidate I would have included Ethics from Jan and completed one standard from the curriculum per week with my other study topics so that i may revise at least one time in the end. Since Ethics is the topic which is there in all the 3 levels, leaving it for last or taking it lightly would be a mistake.