Are u Level 3 Candidate and Unemployed?

Out of curiosity, are you or do you know anyone sitting for Level 3 this year and who lost his/her job recently?

Yes me - no joke. I resigned on Jan 2 travelled till the end of Feb and hit CFA in March pretty much full time. Will look for a job once we are done here. What about you?

Only u 2?

Just curious. What is the worst section of finance industry under this economic condition? e.g. Equity research, IBD, trading…

What is the point to this thread?

McLeod: Enjoying other peoples misery may be ? lol Cheers :slight_smile:

Joker, since u r are studying full time, what do you do in a typical day?

the point to this thread is to determine whether this year we’ll have a higher pass rate because more people will have time to study ass a result of having been laid off. I know a lot of people in the finance industry who lost their jobs and since they were already registered for the exam and since nobody is really hiring these days, they can focus 200% on the material. This makes me believe that the competition will be tougher and that the passs rate should be higher. Just trying to see if I can get evidence by checking who is currently unemployed and level 3 candidate! PS: No I am not unemployed (so far)…!