Are we allowed to discuss questions from the AM?

I still remember almost every question asked on the exam…

I’m seeing people with below 50 on the insitutional questions. I feel like those 2 sections were the most straight forward as possible.

I wasted so much time studying in preparation for some of the “other” institutions, but the ones that always show up, showed up again.

Every question was straightforward and i can still remember how i answered the questions…

Better to wait until they’re released.


I agree that Institutional Portfolio Management was fair and straightforward, that’s why I am questioning my results that came in below 50%. When people talk about AM being so hard, I feel like we took two different AM exams.

like 504 taking Kennedy onto LAX.

going back, back to…Cali, Cali.

Wait - who the f*** is this paging me at 5:46?

i pretty much forgot everything since i left the exam hall lol. No seriously, vaguly recal anything. Since i passed, i don’t care as much - but i guess i’ll look at the guide line answer, and see if i did well on those that i really thought i did well.

I am looking forward for CFAI to post the 2015 Level 3 morning exam ASAP. When I walked out of the exam on June I was confident to score at least 75% on the essays. Like many others I was more worried about my performance in the afternoon exam. As it turned out I really bombed my AM portion with a 40/60/80 score of 60%. My PM score wasn’t so great either (~66%) but it was enough to nudge me over to PASS.

Even though I am now done with the Program I am still very curious to find out how I bombed the AM essays.

I am not sure if we are allowed to discuss individual AM questions even after CFAI have posted them. Yes, the exact questions as well as the guideline answers will soon become public knowledge. However, candidates are not supposed to find out the real answer key which dictated how many points was awarded to what types of responses. Suppose each of us disclose how we answered each question on exam day, along with the score band we got on each question, it may be possible for somebody to discover how the essays were actually graded. I am not sure if this is the intended outcome from CFAI’s perspective. Of course, I am probing this issue only out of theoretical interest. I want each candidate to have ample of resources to prepare for the exams - the more the better.

I agree I cannot remember anything at all, morning session was an entire blur! Even though I passed I still feel like I will try and look at the AM session out of pure curiosity. I didn’t do anything spectacular, but got <50% on last 3 problems which I tried to do in 45 minutes, which is not suprising at all!