Are we doing the rolecall tonight?

Fellas, Is AF off tonight? Are we doing the role call today? I am planning to take an evening off, before I begin the marathon-sprint tomorrow. Good news is ‘I finally got a WEEK off’, after working for around 15+ in the past few weeks. I thing this is a well deserved comp-off just-in-time for the marathon-training. I have 2AM/2PM/3AM/3AM/2006Exam/S1/S2/S3/M1/M2 all these exams left for next week All the best to you all. Just keep it going we are almost there. Whatever be the outcome, we gave in our BEST despite of all odds. And always remember CFA is not the end of the world… it’s NOT!

i’ll be around, dinesh.

I’ll be here T/G

I will def. be here guys…probably doing a little PM and FI

Tonight I am off. Kids’ school carnival and I promised I would take them. When I said I would be home by 5:00 so we could go as a family, my 10 year old daughter jumped in the air and said “Yes!” My 9 year-old son did a Tiger Woods fist pump when I told him. I forgot how much I have been out of commission on the family stuff over the past couple of months. Bright and early Sat soldiers.

im in tonite

I’ll be here tonight no doubt about it. The only way I get through friday night study sessions is to know other people are doing the same.

I will be rocking the AF studies with you all tonight!

I’ll be here burning the AF midnight oil - but I really don’t want to

I’ll be lurking around here tonight - but staying focused on the q-bank

I will be around, but with harris FSA notes right by my side.

I will be here doing Equities 10 & 11

Reviewing past exams I have taken in the past two days and saying F$*# to TraderGod’s questions that he posts.

Gonna start hitting the Q-Bank again tonight, haven’t done any practice questions since last weekend. CFAI Mock exams Saturday and Sunday.

I might be around. Been a long week for me as well, prob working at the office until 7 or 8. We’ll see how I feel. Either way, I will be at Starbucks tomorrow morning 6:30AM sharp. Goodluck kids

Not me but I’ll definitely be here tomorrow.

I have turned into a lurker lately, but I will be around.

It’s rock n’ roll for me all night long…

I’ll be here no doubt.

I’ll be around a bit.