Are you based in Canada or the U.S.? We need help with a survey

We are professors at Simon Fraser University, Canada. We are studying the impact of financial statement presentation on analyst judgments. If you have experience in financial analysis you are our ideal participant. We highly value your input that could influence the future of financial statement presentation. The study takes 15-20 minutes to complete. We deeply appreciate your help. My profile is here Please email me (Hwee). Thank you.

Thanks for the computer virus.

Have you considered a study on the effects of eating live snakes?

Greenman would surely respond if it was a survey from Advisors Perspective.

Let me know why you do not wish to take part. Topic? No time? No wish to help? No virus. You can google me, Hwee Tan SFU or Michael Favere-Marchesi SFU

99% of AP is worthless. Sara Grillo, of course, being the other 1%.

Sara Grillo : CFA :: Jason Witten : NFL

Several reasons, likely. You’re not really in the right forum for this sort of request. You’d do better in CFA General Discussion or Investments. Then there’s the part about asking where we’re from, even if it’s just by country. We’re an anonymous forum, so anything you ask that could potentially identify us is frowned upon. You’re also brand new to Analyst Forum so most people will assume you’re either a duplicate user, a troll, a bot, or Russian.

And we’re just lazy.

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Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciate it. I will post on General discussion and investment. Any tips on how to motivate analysts to take part? The survey is anonymous. I will provide a qualtrics link for participating. I understand that no one wants to be identified. CFAs want more financial information and we hope to provide findings relevant to regulators. Good grief that we could be identified as Russians.

i see you have something against Russians. Reported. Sweep, do the needful

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I would partner with Sara Grillo. She’s a Harvard grad who’s a great thought leader in the CFA community.

Thanks for the suggestion. We are poor profs. no money to pay her…

Is Simon Fraser an accredited school?

if you want to know just how poor,

Public Sector Salaries in BC

Professor Twan doesn’t seem to produce any search hits so presumably he/she earns less than $75K still, you’d get more replies to your survey if you offered a small honorarium in exchange


OK. I will try your suggestion.


Dr. Tan is a charterholder according to her bio. You guys should be ashamed about your lack of support for your peers.

Thanks, SportBiker.

I messaged 80 CFAs so far and got no replies. I’ve got one response from a kind person from this forum. Hope springs eternal with this forum. I am thinking of a small token of appreciation of $20 for each response. Would Starbucks voucher work? Any suggestions for alternative types of vouchers that may be popular with analysts?

it’s one of the better schools in canada