Are you doing full exams (120 Q's)

i am having such a problem finishing just half an exam 60 questions, and im wondering what are people doing to take a full half in one sitting.

exams??? have not done any yet…

Of the three mocks I’ve taken (BSAS; Schweser Vol1 1 & 2) I’ve attempted to keep the schedule as close to game day as possible. You don’t train for a marathon by half a$$ing a few 2 mile jogs.

i’d definitely recommend taking at least one full exam under mock test day conditions.

ng30 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i’d definitely recommend taking at least one full > exam under mock test day conditions. agreed. the cfa exams are great even at 50 bucks a pop because the formatting and language used is exactly what you can expect on game day. Right now I am still in review doing passmaster and cfai questions, I’ll be writing my first practice exam on sunday I hope Im not in for a shock.

But you don’t prepare for a marathon by running a marathon either. I go for the 60 questions in 3 hours and then spend the rest of my time reviewing. If you can handle 60 in under 3 then you know you can handle it twice on exam day.

I plan on taking one mock exam on Saturday and the other one Sunday.

For Level 1 did several 3 hour exams, but never 6 hours in a day. I think 3 hour exams are just fine for preparation. However I’ll probably do the 6 hour Mock Exam under normal test conditions later this week if I have the time.

nope. 60 Q - 3 hrs is an ordeal enough… don’t want to get “bored” before the main thing

does anyone else HATE the CFAI website?

I’m with Zombie…for Level 1, I would do a 3 hour exam. For me it was training my tummy to not need food for three hours!! But I think that is good training. I usually finished them in two hours so I knew I’d be okay.

I did one full exam under test conditions… brutal. I’m doing 2-3 more. Saturday or Sunday, then two days after. I have next week off (thank God!). I think you should try to get to real testing conditions as soon as possible. Being that a 75% pretty much guarantees a pass, there are quite a few questions that you can just pass over to focus on ones that you actually know and will most likely get right. Then with your leftover time (which you WILL have) you try to figure out the rest or give it your best educated guesses. I always hazard an educated guess on my first time through but come back to those questions.

Take a full exam (6 hrs). I did that for level 1 because I’ve never had to deal with a 6 hr exam before (except if you count college when you had 2 back to back finals, but that is easy in comparison now). So, I wanted to know how it physically, mentally, and emotionally felt like after the 5th hour. This way I have some sort of idea how much my brain can or cannot churn toward the end. But then again, if you did it for level 1…you already have the experience, so maybe you don’t need to torture yourself with a 6 hr mock for level 2 :slight_smile: