Are you facing the same problem?

I know the material pretty well (concepts, formulas) however when it gets to solving the exams, i dont really get above 60% although when I look at the answers I find them okay and easy to grasp. Plus I find CFAI mocks easier than Schweser ones. Is anyone facing the same problem? I have faced this problem in level 1 however i ended up crashing all 10 sections. (>70 on all of em) Thanks

You’re probably at the stage where you are stuggling with little mistakes that lead you to the wrong answers. The only way i know to correct that is to do as many problems as you can get your hands on, even if you’ve done them before. The best source would probably be the CFA EOC problems. If you’re consistently getting 60%, you better hit the books hard this month… I can assure you this will not be like level I.

I dont really have problems with EOC questions however i find the schweser language disturbing and not close to CFAI mock language. I will hit the books hard this month as im taking 2 weeks off for revision and studying. I have solved EOC many times and mocks too (2009-2010-2011) and i found 2009/2010 achievable compared to 2011 although i understood all the solutions and the reason behind mistakes i did in 2011. Anyone else facing this problem?