Are You Going To Vote?

… And why or why not? I’m most likely not going to be on the boards this weekend but wanted to get this out after seeing part of the debate. This question is not as much about who you want to vote for but about your feelings on those that decide inaction is the best course. How do you feel about those that exercise their democratic right to not vote? Last election was the first time I was eligible to vote, and I did. This time, I’m still very much on the fence. Wanted to hear the forum’s opinion, thanks in advance for your response.

It’s America do what you want to do.

I now have a mission. Vote against anyone passing the bailout. Work on getting their opponents elected. “I will vote and campaign hard against you if you pass this plan”

What if the opponent is also in favor of the bailout?

My Granddad, who fought in WWII, always dressed up in his Sunday finest and shined his shoes to go vote. I would feel like I was disappointing him if I didn’t vote.

While I’m less than impressed with Bob Barr’s voting record (as a Republican), I’m voting for the Barr / Root ticket to voice my disapproval for the two main political parties. I feel like more people would vote for the Libertarian party, or any third party for that matter, if they didn’t feel like they were throwing their vote away. It’s terrible that the debates are limited to the two main candidates. If all of the candidates on the ballot were allowed to participate in debates then the other candidates would get more votes. As this went on, with each presidential election third party candidates would get more support and as support increased the feeling of ‘throwing your vote away’ would decrease.

We would just have to listen to Ross Perots more.

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > We would just have to listen to Ross Perots more. But what does that hurt?

Did you do it the first time? I was going to move to a different planet if he got elected.

I was 11 when Perot was debating in 1992 and I really don’t remember the debates, was it that bad? Perhaps I should find some clips on youtube…

I find Ross Perot very grating. I thought ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ or whatever by Ken Follett was really good though.