Are you in the same boat?? or it's Just me?

Hello Folks, I am really disappointedwith myself. I just Finished reading Book 1 from Schweser. the only thing that I am sure I remember well is the Last reading of it #12. Am i the onlyone or I have some people in the same boat. Also for those smart guys who either passed level 1 or they are CFA Charter, What is your Advice to solve this problem?? Please S.O.S.

Exactly how did you test your knowledge of it? Try doing some questions, and force yourself to think them through. I find it helps if you make your study more ‘active’ rather than just simply reading. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how much you actually do know.

I am Studing from Schweser, so after the end of every reading, I do the concepts checker questions & the CFA institure books problems. thats about it. is that enough??!?!?!

Cali: I felt the same way, around this time frame (I wrote the Dec exam). It’s normal to feel like you forget everything just a few days after reading it, but the key is to keep reviewing and doing QUESTIONS. Once you hit the stage of actively practicing questions, you’ll find that your retention will be much stronger. Atleast that’s what I found from my personal experience. So don’t get too concerned about this now. Try to learn the basic concepts, and understand them, and you’ll be good to go.

thanks you Bluey 1.8T & kevin002. Guys , I was expecting more feed back. come on share it for the benefit of everyone.

CaliCFA, Taking notes while reading helped me very much. Taking notes forces you to write down what you remember and you can go back and refer to your notes as you solve practice questions.