Are you on 'lockdown' during the test?

Hi, I’m going to have someone with me on test day, they can sit outside and read or whatever, that’s fine, but I’ll need to check up on them a few times. IF I take a bathroom break could I walk outside to check on them? Or could they just sit outside the test room? Or is it set up such that you can have no contact with outside people until the test is concluded? Yes I know this is the last thing I should be dealing with on test day but there is no way around it.

You won’t be able to go outside the testing room (aside from the bathrooms) during the AM session until you turn in your exam. If you finish in the last 30 minutes, however, you’ll have to sit and wait until everyone is done. Same for the PM. You can have full contact during the lunch period.

Wait, so you can’t make alternate arrangements even though the test is more than 2 months away? I’m pretty sure you cannot talk to anyone until you hand over the test.

You cannot talk to anyone. You are practically followed into the bathroom if you take a bathroom break during the exam. I’m pretty sure you cannot leave and go outside at all. And from my L1 and L2 experience, it depends on the building. If you have the exam in the Marriott hotel, then random people can be outside. But when I took L2 in a not-so-public place, you can’t even go into the building without showing exam ticket and ID

stalkey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- … > I’ll need to check up on them a few times. … > on test day but there is no way around it. You’re wasting your time even studying; there is a 100% chance that the CFAI is going to cancel your results.

I feel like I’m on “lockdown” in my study routine for Level II!

Why would you even risk getting your test cancelled for something like that? Look at CFA’s perspective. How do they know you would look at questions, then go outside to ask for answers, and come back? Even if the testing center’s building structure allows you to do so, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. And I would hardly call that a lockdown. It’s called taking a test.

It’s better if you converge your energies in understanding and retaining the course in spite of thinking about these things.

apart from the phone a friend and 3 lifelines you arent allowed outside contact

the only possible explanation for this I can think of is if you’re being forced to watch over someone who can’t take care of themselves, such as a child or a person with severe disabilities. in that case, it seems to me that leaving that individual alone for an extended time – even if you checked up on them after an hour or two – seems odd at best and negligent at worse. so all together I call shenanigans

You can ask my friend Boris to watch this person. He is looking for work after his repo business went belly up.