Are you ready?

Less than 42 hours. Are you guys ready?

I feel ready, I’ve done all that I could. Just doing practice quant problems now. Still getting anxious. You know that heart dropping feeling?

Is it possible to feel ready?

did 300 Hours. Think hovering on 50% CFAI Mock. looks like i’m gonna fail. 100% chance i’m gonna fail lol oh well i’ll come back next year try again

Why show up if you’re going in with an attitude like that? Get it together!

i change my attitude all i want lol. But the Number’s don’t lie

i change my attitude all i want lol. But the Number’s don’t lie

You’re right, they don’t. But, they’re also meaningless. The only numbers that matter are the ones that you get in your official score report. Confidence is helpful; going in with the attitude that you’re done before you start isn’t going to get you to the finish line. wink

I think confidence is key but it it doesnt precede hard work. Focus, dedication and hard work are foundational requirements to be successul. The hours put into anything, including this test, is important.

I’m ready!

Taking the day off tommorow to relax.

Reading my notes one more time tomorrow and then relax.

It is what it is. I did as much as I can and I shall try my best and hope for the best!

Good luck to all taking the exam tomorrow!

I am just going to read my notes today. Rest and get ready for the big day tomorrow!

yeah i’m going to go over notes tmrw to keep things semi-fresh. what i’m most worried about is sleep. i haven’t been able to get my sleep schedule synced (6:30am wakeup sat morning) and i’m quite concerned there…

I do not feel ready, but I’ve done all I could. I didn’t count the hours, but i’m well over 300, and did 7 mocks. I’ll just read ethics today and skim through my notes, and pray a lot!

Good luck to everyone! Hope we can see each other on the level 2 section next week :D!

I don’t think one ever feel fully ready nor can one feel not ready. It’s the state of mind at that moment which decides the readiness.

I’m at that stage where I feel like I should be doing something more but I’m having trouble deciding what that should be.

As I’m going through my notes I’m just thinking that “yeah I know that, know what” but I’m sure there are things that will come up tomorrow that I won’t know.

I feel you, but you just gotta trust your notes. I took notes too, and it took a long *** time. but as i’m reviewing now, no time to look at the cfai books; i trust that I covered the most relevant/important topics etc.

but don’t go crazy today fellas, get some rest, let your mind clear a little, get some sleep!

I’ve scored around 80-85 in the CFAI and schweser mocks so I’m hoping I do okay. Scored an 88 on the book 1 exam 2 pm session last night which is giving me some confidence going into it . (all the equity + fixed income questions where in areas I do well in)

Although I know anxiety and fatigue will kick in so my scores will be lower. So we shall see. I feel confident, but I know it could go either way.

I’m sitting down with a nice cup of starbucks coffee and I’m reading through the CFA ethics. Additionaly I plan on doing some econ questions to close out the day.

Tomorrow should be fun and I can’t wait to hit the bar right after for a nice cold one!

Sounds like you are well on top of things. I’m averaging around 75% on my mocks. I’ve done some timed runs and I’m completing in a little over 2h15. I need to pace it tomorrow and not rush through the questions.

I’m ready for the exam now. Win or lose I’ve done my best and worked hard. if it isn’t enough to get me over the finish line this time around I’ll be back in June next year even more prepared.

Good luck to us all…

Been scoring between 73%-77%. Hope that’ll cut the mustard. I have this nervous feeling like it’s christmas tomorrow lol I honestly can’t wait to get it over with. Probably gonna take at least another half of a mock today and then go over 11th hour notes/ ethics, and past incorrect answers from old mocks and qbank.