Are you sure you will pass the exam?

Please give up the two boxes - one box thread, I found it quite boring. Come here, show us your confidence and play this game:

Suppose CFAI grants you choices:

  1. You pass (for sure) the level III but you must pay 100$ (maximum cash to pass) or you wait your result.
  2. You fail (for sure) the level III but you can receive 10000$ (minimum cash to fail) or you wait your result.

What are your choices?

What are your maximum cash to pass and minimum cash to fail?

Play this game:

What is wrong with your user name?

IMO this topic is even more meaningless. The “box theory” at least somehow relates to your “real” result if it eventually means anything, while what’s the point of this game? I would like to pay USD10000 but will CFAI change my fail to pass? LOL

id rather play boxes

:stuck_out_tongue: why people always ask that. I said many times that the three ending letters are the acronym of my last name.

Sounds like you will enjoy Level 3 if they leave in utility theory and certainty equivalence.

Assuming I could retake next year, i wud accept the certain fail for $100k but def not $10k

to me $10k is like nothing at all because I have a high net worth (any way you define it :wink: )

yeah idk, boxes is a lot more fun :slight_smile: