Area 51

Ok. We are a bunch of brilliant CFAers on this forum. I’m sure we can conclude what’s going on inside Area 51 via mosaic theory. Let’s hear it. It’s about time we solve this mystery once and for all.

My take - Area 51 is a carve out for highly classified R&D, defense development, and so forth. What better place to hide than the middle of a desert. Furthermore, the liberal media proclaims alien life forms within distracting the public from the real truth, just like everything else they do.

Pretty much, I have a feeling this alien thing is encouraged by Gotus.

I’d say that’s pretty much spot on.

I’ll admit, I am a closet Trekkie. I resonated well with Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge.

My take is that Area 51 is the ultimate place where highly ranked officials and politicians can have their mistresses in a completely safe environment, where no leaking—of information, that is—can ever take place, unlike we have previously seen when careless congressmen or governors have had their affairs exposed.

I think Area 51 is nothing but some empty buildings where the govt. occassionally flys some experimental aircraft to make the world think something is actually going on there, distracting them from where the stuff is really taking place.

I think John Galt lives in Area 51.


Wow, that’s a blast from the past.

Some of these government conspiracies are truly entertaining, especially since I came from the public sector. That chip they implanted in my body does itch a bit though…

Who is John Galt?


What I wonder is, where are areas 1 through 50? Hmmm.

50 states, 50 areas. And Area 51 is for people from Washington DC. Where they turn into Soylent Green. Even though that’s teribly inefficient, energy-wise.


I actually took a family vacation to Roswell in 2007. Only thing I remember besides touristy alien museums was the Mondo Hondo. The largest burger I’ve ever ate.

Yeah, I doubt that anything secret is going on there. People know the location of Area 51. You can see it in Google Maps. If the government has anything secret going on, they would have moved it somewhere else by now.

Area 51 probably contains either something really boring or something that you would not want to steal anyway. Something boring: old files and junk. Something you don’t want: frozen sperm speciments of important US figures like GW Bush, Warren Buffet and Morgan Freeman.

I once drove through route 375 north of vegas on a desert road trip, the so called ‘extraterrestrial highway’ which passes by Area 51. almost no traffic and infinite expanse of desolate desert in all directions makes for a cool drive if you’re into that sort of thing. stopped by the town of Rachel which was mostly mobile homes but had an inn and a restaurant catering to “alien researchers” and such. not many people were there but the amount of freaks was respectable, had a beer and listened to some wild theories during my lunch. if you stay at the mobile home-inn, free VHS(!) rentals with sketchy home-made or semi-professional videos where locals discuss UFO sightings.

a few miles after this town I took an unmarked unpaved road that goes into the desert towards a few hills not so far away that mark the boundary of Area 51. there was no physical barrier just some signs that say “restricted area - no trespassing” and “armed patrol”, you could also see an off-road vehicle on top of a hill where some guards are watching the road. it got dark and on my way back I expected an alien abduction or at least a sighting but of course nothing happened.

my overall assessment following this in-person due diligence is that is an OK desert drive passing by a boring military base, and the most entertaining part is actually the human weirdos that congregate in the small town nearby. for a truly extraterrestrial experience I recommend a drive through death valley instead, where the outwordly landscape makes it a lot more believable that aliens might exist

^ Respect. I’m a closet Sci-Fi geek.