Arizona State MBA

I’ve got no intention of getting an MBA for many many years, but I was curious about something. Years ago (as a little kid even) I remember often times hearing about Arizona State’s MBA program, how it was considered one of the best. I searched this forum and found exactly 0 posts on the ASU MBA. Is ASU a former top 25 MBA program that has slipped into the 30s/40s or do I have a case of selective memory or something?

Who hears about Arizona State’s MBA program as a little kid?

not sure where you heard of ASU having a great MBA program. i have never heard that. as far as whether you have a case of selective memory, that would depend on if/how you really heard about ASU having a top 25 MBA program. i have never heard such a thing.

Is this something about football? Go Sun Devils!

Selective memory in so far as my first memories of hearing about good MBA programs including ASU among them making me assume that meant top 25. Yeah, I’m a fan of the Sun Devils sometimes. Less snoody than UA.

you might be thinking of Thunderbird. Not sure if it’s part of ASU, but I think it’s somewhere close by. It usually ranks near the top for an “international” mba. But you’d be crazy to go there over any of the top 20 schools.

Yeah, maybe it was Thunderbird. ASU is ranked in the 30s-50s, so it’s pretty good. A person could do a lot worse. Plus the location in Scottsdale/Tempe–and the girls!

ASU definitely has a great local reputation and the school is strong in graduate and undergraduate business programs. You’d do well to go there while young and single!

I haven’t heard much good about “America’s Stupidest University” outside of the weather and women.

It is a true MBA factory, no doubt. Admission standards are not high. They have also raised MBA prices to the point, in my opinion, a prospective student outside Arizona could and should look at competing programs.