Army ranger finds out 2 SEALs w/ team 6 were skimming money used for paying informants, they kill him

Sad. Stupidest part is that they said he had been drinking and that they had accidentally killed him in grappling training. No alcohol found in his blood.

Wait… so are Navy SEALs actually a bunch of dumb asses?

I’ve heard they can be a bit full of themselves. But obviously this is just two guys. Got to be a few guys in the lowest percentiles of every group.

This depends. They are soldiers, albeit elite, and as such the are required to be able to follow orders perfectly, physical requirements, react well under pressure, highly coachable, etc. Being smart or able to lie well is not a primary qualification, like for some intelligence services.

There are plenty of smart SEALs though; I know a few in Ivy MBA programs and in the hedge fund world. Naval Academy graduates who are SEALs are usually pretty smart.

When you turn people into weapons, sometimes they do this stuff. I for one am sick of this nonsense! Let’s regulate military training