Arnold Schwarzenegger - Trump, let me help you write your speeches

Arnold’s father was literally a Nazi who fought on the Eastern front in WW2, so he knows what he’s talking about. Anyway:

Schwarzenegger addresses Trump’s “moral responsibility” to repudiate racist groups and suggests a speech that the president should give.

“The world is watching. Now, let me help you write your speech a little bit,” Schwarzenegger says. “‘As President of the United States and as a Republican, I reject the support of white supremacists. The country that defeated Hitler’s armies is no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln won’t stand with those who carry the battle flag of the failed Confederacy.’”

Edit: removed “Then again…Trump’s dad was a KKK member.” pending verification

Why did you ask people to delete your posts? Im legit curious, you neva even said anything too outrageous

Arnold is starting to sound like a sore loser lately. Unlike most people, he is actually in a position to make a difference in society. If he cares so much, why did he quit politics? Arnold is a great human and true American hero, but comments like this are just Sad!

What do you think he should do, ohai?

He should become a Senator and run the ethics committee. Or become the Governor of CA or another state again. These, or other options, would be easy for Arnold given his fame and wealth. Imagine if Bill Gates called upon all rich people to give money to good causes, but didn’t do it himself.

^ohai be trolling. Almost got me.


Source: he was related to trump.

Where’s Fact Check when we need him?

HRC is also related to Trump. So, HRC = KKK?

Everyone 7 generations before, after and their descendants. All kkk.

Good to know.