Article Themes for AF

I hope everyone has been easing into the new year nicely. At the end of last year chad was gracious enough to let me submit articles for AF. I’m going to start my posts in the next week, and I while I have some ideas already sketched out, I was hoping to get some input from the forums. Right now most of my ideas for articles are for study habits and analysis of specific sections, but I know that’s not going to appeal to everyone.

So please, whether you are currently studying for a level, just found out about the CFA, or are one of our seasoned vets here on AF, let me know what type of articles you would like see:

  • Benefits of the CFA designation/Should I pursue the charter

  • Study Tips/In-depth Section Analysis

  • Analysis on Specific Companies

  • Investment/Economic Commentary

There have been some very good study tips in past postings, but I would like to see some more with an in-depth or systematic approach; e.g. specific to diff.sections…thanks