Article writing

I just read a few articles on investopedia from a CFA c-holder (did I just violate something there…). Can you get paid to write articles? I’ve done a bunch for my company in the past, be interested to know what a freelancer can command.

Sure can, depending on what your specialty is and who you’re writing for. From everything I’ve heard and seen though, very few will command the price that you’re probably getting for pages of finished research at your job. Make sure you’re OK for outside business interests as per your compliance department. Chad’s offering money for articles, though it sounds like the pay scale is undecided. Pro writers typically can make up to a buck a word, more for really prestigious stuff like long pieces in The New Yorker or whatever. Typically, my journalist friends (I have two! Hooray!) say that ‘guest’ pieces command a much lower price - either a flat rate (“We’ll give you $150 if you can give us a page and a half about X”) or completely free, with the compensation that your name gets out there, you can have reprints of the article, use it to show clients that you didn’t just fall off a turnip truck last week, etc. If you’re really, really stellar or knowledgeable, maybe you can get a better rate, but again, I’d stress that none of this stuff will pay as well as your 9-5, or 8-6, or whatever it is you work.