As a diploma HND Accounting is enough for me to become a CFA?

Or do i have to carry a higher diploma?


ok i admit, it wasnt very clear what i asked there :slight_smile:

i decided to become a chartered financial analyst so,

at the moment im studying HND Accounting at a Scottish college and i have the IMC ( investment management certificate) level1- investment enviroment and level2- investment practice. i also have couple of relevant certificates. hopefully i will be getting more relevant certificates from CII and CISI just to give a bit more weight to my CV which im hoping to sit my exams soon.

once i achive all these with enough work experience in the sector im hoping to enroll to CFA programme. im just trying to confirm if my diploma will be enough to be accepted to the programme as to get enrolled to the programme on CFA Institute`s web site they say you need to have bachelors degree or equivalent??

if my diploma wont get me where i want which path should i follow? any advise or suggestion will be appreciated. thanks

You don’t need any particular degree for the CFA.

Email CFAI. They are very descriptive in their answers (personal experience). Generally, the requirement is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The diploma that you talk about, is it recognized as equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in your country?