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Have questions about the Level III CFA exam? With just 108 days until until the Level III exam window, Marc LeFebvre of @LevelUpBootCamps will be answering your questions in this topic. Be sure to stop by to see what other Level III candidates are asking and to ask your own questions.

If you’ve never taken the Level III CFA exam or if you’ve been struggling to complete the final level of the CFA exam, Marc is an expert on the Level III CFA exam curriculum with over 25 years experience in teaching what they need to focus on to pass the final hurdle between them and the charter.

Mark your calendar for February 11th at 4:00 PM EST and we will see you then!

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The AMA with Marc has been re-scheduled for next Thursday, February 11th at 4:00 PM EST.

Sorry, the email was sent earlier this morning and the AMA event was subsequently postponed. Please mark your calendar for next Thursday at the same time as Marc is planning to join us then to answer all of your questions.

Hi Marc
So i am hearing some resentful voices. A couple of folks i know attended your fall virtual bootcamp as they were registered for December. But then CFAI pulled the plug
The exam was cancelled by the institute and not by the candidates ( not candidates fault ) who were themselves gearing up for writing the December exam

Every other prep provider extended the date for their study material at no additional cost for 2020 registered candidates whereas you are wanting candidates to register for the bootcamp again.
Technically no one will remember the contents of the fall virtual bootcamp 7 months after the event.

Would you consider allowing candidates access (any 4 days of your choice to the fall virtual bootcamp recorded videos) either in April or May



In the late summer of 2020 I recommended every candidate defer the December 2020 exam to May 2021. If a candidate makes that choice its is on them to face the consequence of their personal choice.

If I hold a BootCamp and I teach that BootCamp and you participate in that Bootcamp then have fulfilled my obligation to disseminate knowledge to help the candidate pass the exam, that is my obligation when you sign up for a Bootcamp. There was absolutely no complaints regarding the content, delivery or quality of the BootCamp.

I have extended my JumpStart Video memberships from 12/31/2020 well into 2021 without cost to every subscriber.

I provided videos of the Fall Bootcamps from the October classes until the December exam date. That has never occurred before and thus an extension of goodwill on my part to further help the candidate from the virtual BootCamp to the exam.

If the candidate has the CFA cancel their exam I have no control over that decision. The candidate took the risk in making that choice based on the pandemic and many candidate chose emotion over reason in making that choice to take the December 2020 exam.

I did provide the choice to further access the BootCamp recordings at less than 50% of the cost of participating in another Bootcamp for those that chose to use the videos again. In the past if a candidate did not pass the reenrolled for the BootCamp at full cost.

If you attend a concert and want to attend another concert again, you have to pay another ticket. If you rent a movie on Apple TV or Netflix and you want to watch it again you have to pay the additional rental. There is nothing unethical in this circumstance. When the CFA Institute takes your registration fees and then defers the exam is that unethical. I taught the class I was asked to teach. I never represented that the recording (that have never been offered before) would be free after the Bootcamp I said I would consider what to do after the class.

I’ve had most candidates say I fulfilled my obligation and went beyond what was promised in the BootCamps. The choice to shut down exam centers was the choice of the CFA Institute. The choice to take the December exam was the candidates choice.

Bellur - the recordings were available from the end of the virtual Bootcamp in the fall 2020 until the December 2020 exam dates. The virtual BootCamp recordings (plus JumpStart videos of those topics we could not cover in the class) were available for several months beyond the virtual BootCamp.

But “hey” lets do this…since the Spring BootCamps for 2021 are virtual and you sat in a BootCamp in the Fall and had the exam deferred I can give you access to the BootCamp this Spring. How does that sound? Send me an email and I’ll sign you up.

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Hi Marc - what do you think the best course of studying is if we are taking the test in May.

Any tips to address the computer based testing format (would be ideal to also have a paper copy to mark-up during the exam)?

Dear Marc,

During the fall virtual final review bootcamp, you told us multiple times that you would extend our recorded final review bootcamp access till June 2021. My access to the recorded final review bootcamp was discontinued immediately after the Dec exam. Then I received an email from you that the recorded bootcamp video extension now costs $510. Would you reconsider waiving the $510 extension fee and keep the promise? I have paid the full price $1,999 already. To spend another $510 just to extend video access doesn’t sound too competitive, while other providers are offering free or almost free extensions.

Since last year was a one-off, most people really wanted to take the exam if their testing centers were not cancelled in the last minute, would you do us a big favor this time, especially for those who bought the full package (both jumpstart videos and final review bootcamp), so that we can proudly say we did it One & Done with Marc?

Start typing your notes and practicing your answers on the computer, and learn to do calculations and work on the keyboard well in advance of the exam.

WallStreeshorti see my post above to Bellur. I made NO promise in the bootcamp that I would provide free access to the BootCamp videos for free beyond the December exam date instead I would consider what to do after the Bootcamp. No other review providers gave live reviews in the fall 202 so that assertion is false. Email me and I’ll add you to the list.

Study like crazy like never before. If you are blessed to sit in May make it your very best attempt. Use the candidate curriculum, use the problems the CFA Institute provides to prepare, don’t shy away from any topic or exhibit or example. Find the best in depth review you can find to help you get there and stay motivated along the way #LevelUP

For those LevelUp Candidates that took a Fall 2020 virtual Bootcamp and can prove they did not sit for the December 2020 exam and had the December 2020 exam canceled by the CFA Institute I will give them access to the Spring virtual Bootcamps for the May 2021 exam at no cost. Let’s hear a YeHaw!

There will be no paper in the exam centers I believe. I “think” they will provide white board and markers that can be disinfected. So start learning to use that medium before the exam. Again this is a thought not a for sure thing.

YEHAW YEHAW YEHAW all in bold and caps , thank you Marc :slight_smile:

Send me an email Brain Drain and I’ll add you to the list. I hope you retract your implication regarding ethics.

Thank you!!

Is this right? No paper? Instead we will have those oversized dry erase markers…wow. don’t get it

Mosaic theory regarding use of paper vs white board. This idea not a far off theory. So rather than being surprised start using a white board now in case paper can not be used. There is small notebook size white boards you can purchase on line or at Staples. Just in case this becomes the case get in front of the possibility. Just trying to help in advance.

Am I correct that we are expecting white board, marker and eraser? Typing formulas keyboard… och