Asking for a pay rise?!

Anyone asking for one in these times? I joined this insurance gig and took a pay cut and the review is coming up - you think i should be happy with whatever is offered? They did state they would review the situation when i first joined…will i get a big fat slap?

Given the recent job lossess, hate to dispoint you, the only rise you are going to get is your job. Unless you are unreplaceable, then you still can negotaite a pay rise

I’m not irreplaceable! Word is that it’ll be a couple of percentage…guess i mustnt grumble too much! No harm in asking i guess…as long as they still agree to pay for CFA.

I got a mid-cycle bump because I got a promotion, but part of the agreement was they would review it in good faith at the normal raise time. Then someone from that time until now got a $25K raise and he is one level above me, so I have asked for a raise and to make sure they do a review…I have my meeting this morning to see what they tell me.

Hey theKing, how do you know? maybe he’s in the hf short the market :wink: Cheers