Ass Man Code quiz #4

Jon Jenkers an investment manager has been asked by a client to direct their brokerage to a specific broker who Jon does not use because he does not believe that they offer best execution. Following his client’s request what is the most appropriate action Jon should take? A. Refuse to use the broker and explain that to do so would breach the loyalty to clients component of the Code. B. Comply with the client’s request but point out that the broker does not offer best execution. C. Use the broker but only on the basis that the broker promises to offer best execution. D. Advise the client that it might not be in their best interest and get written acknowledgmentof




Thinking between B and D but I guess it is better to get written acknowledgement.


D is right

E Slap his mama for marrying Mr Jenkers and naming him Jen

Not sure if it is B or D… Go for D then…

D should be the correct. I think I remember reading this.

B & D?