Ass Man is back!

How are you?

Broken but in good spirits.

How are you it’s been a while, lol…

Im glad your back and well on the road to recovery bro!

Can I get a quick briefing on this matter? I’m not familiar with the events that have transpired.

Was hit by a BRO with no license in la. Spent 6 months in a coma. Now paralyzed, waist down. Crappy but I’ve got to beat this.

my god…I am so sorry to hear that! take care of yourself mate…

It is great to see your username posting again! I had to do a double-take when I saw it. I know you’re still on the road to recovery, but it sounds like you have made an amazing recovery so far. Keep fighting and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

oh man…glad to hear you’re back…i heard about that event some way back but didn’t know it was you…all the strength to you for holding it together…respect

was it rough being in a coma - did the time go by in a blink of an eye and you just woke up groggy, or were you trapped and buried in meds? my former roomate fell off a jet ski and was paralyzed from the waist down … she had no feeling or progress for 6 months and then by some miracle was able to wiggle her toes and then move her legs. she made a full recovery - not what happens to everybody but you never know what the body is capable of — hopefully you experience the same thing !

I’ll give dat Bro the beatdown of his life. On AF, you mess with one, you get us all!

Regardless, nice seeing you in high spirits. Welcome back!

Good to see you back man, there’s a guy on this forum that has no clue on how to deal with the ladies…

I’m kinda new to the forum but I’m glad too see you here man, I hope you get better

Good luck with the recovery. Like Chad said, there’s plenty in the community who would try to help out if we can.

So great to see AM back on the forum! Continued best wishes with your recovery!

Edit: Just told my wife AM returned. She remembered the story and exclaimed “What? He’s back? That’s awesome!” Good stuff.

Nic - great to see you back. I know you are going to beat this man - you have made an amazing recovery already.

Great to see you posting again! AF has been less enjoyable in your absence. You’re going to kick the shit out of recovery.

So…I’ve always wanted to know but have been too lazy to google, how does the penis work in paralysis? I mean, does visual/mental stimulation still cause the blood to flow? I think I heard that erections can be…unpredictable. If that’s the case, here’s something that may help you out of an awkward situation.

If you want an erection to go away, flex a large muscle or two for about 30 seconds and the boner is a goner. (I’m sure others on this forum will use this advice as well. Frank, when you see a HCB at Tim Hortons and get an unwelcome visitor just flex those pythons for a while and it’ll go away.) No homo.

All credit goes to Reddit for that tidbit of useful info. Totally works.

AM! Welcome back bud; def. wasn’t the same without ya. We have far too many on here that are struggling with women, online dating and host of other mental issues…

Goodluck with the recovery man and keep us posted!

Congrats. Great to have you back.

lol. Oh yes, did you think ASS_MAN could lose that?

Is a BRO a euphemism for something?