Asses Manager

What do people do to keep their @sses (literally) in shape? For me, I have a dedicated once a week glutes workout:

-squats with barbell

-jump squats with 45 lb weights

-walking up and down 20 flights of steps with 45 lb weights

-step up platform with 40 lb weights

-forward, backward, and jump lunges

-leg press machine with feet high up to isolate glutes

-glutes machine, the one where youre on your stomach and press upwards with your legs

Deadlift. You need to be doing those.

Be blessed with good genes. You can do all the squats in the world and still have a square ass

Squats and deadlights. I stay away from machines. If you really want to hit glutes, just squat lower. If you really want to hit quads, do a front squat.

i sit on my ass all day but rock hard ass, good genes i guess.

My wife often claims that she married me for my @ss. The routine works people.

I may consider butt inplants…


Don’t underestimate the power of a nice one.

Not to be mistaken for the power of oneness.

I know I’m not exactly the most fit guy on here but…

You devote one day a week to exercising only one muscle?

So if Friday is Glutes day, then is Monday Latissmus Dorsi day? Tuesday must be deltoid day. And Sunday can be that muscle that runs from the crook of your arm to the thumb, whatever it’s called.

On women, sure…but on men? really?


If the guy is walking in front of me, that’s the first place I tend to look at. I can’t help it.

Can’t skip neck day!


Even before the shoes?

The shoes?!? That’s the last thing I look at!

Unless it’s those weird man-sandals with socks, I don’t care.

Funny, I’m the same way about walking behind women.

You’re in the minority and I’m sure you know it.

Shoes? Maybe… Butts? I know I am not…