asset liability management analyst

Anyone have any experience in this arena? It seems pretty interesting, but what are some of the exit opportunities?

This was my last job for a small bank in DC, good opportunity. Exit opps include possible fixed income, banking corporate finance, and other risk management type roles. It’s very niche from what I’ve seen, very few people have in depth experience in this field, but there also are limited opportunities but if you know where to look and are willing to move you can always find them.

Good info. Would a niche position like this help or hurt my chances of ultimately becoming an equity oriented portfolio manager?

I’ve never heard of a position like this, can you post the description?

Was recently promoted to Asset Liability Manager and will probably hire an Asset Liability Analyst in late '11 early '12. I was offered a job at a Dow 30 company building AL models for their Banking subsidiaries. I presume that could have led down a number of interesting career paths, but having turned down the gig I can’t say for sure. Prior to the crash in '08 I knew of some people moving from one of the major AL software companies (Bancware, QRM) into Hedge Funds, but haven’t heard of anything like that since then. The natural career path leads up through a Bank’s Treasury department, ultimately to Treasurer. From there you could move into corporate Treasury or Bank CFO. Also, as Treasurer you would most likely be responsible for purchasing (fixed income) securities for the Bank and that could perhaps lead to PM role in Fixed Income. ****EDIT***** Ironically was just forwarded this job description for a position at PIMCO ****EDIT***** Title: Asset and Liability Manager Responsibilities: The Asset and Liability Manager within PIMCO Advisory will be responsible for Asset-Liability modeling and analytics for banks and other financial institutions. The position requires extensive knowledge of financial and data analysis to provide the institutions with the necessary information to manage various risk positions. Specifically, the position is responsible for the oversight of interest rate and liquidity risk measurement, income forecasting and the overall modeling dynamics of a banks balance sheet. Requirements • Minimum 5+ years experience of asset / liability management with a financial institution, preferably a large regional bank • Strong technical and modeling skills in finance and economics as well as asset / liability management. • A team player who can excel in a fast paced challenging work environment • A high energy level with the desire to contribute to the ongoing success and expansion of the Advisory team at PIMCO Position Requirements

mp3bu, ALM is not related to equity research or PM unless you end up covering banks or insurance companies. However fixed income portfolio analysis or portfolio management could be a realistic outcome down the road that you could use ALM as a stepping stone into.