Asset management advice for a foreigner with CFA certificate now

i would appreciate your advice. i started my cfa the first day i entered the asset management. there was some encouragement from my boss to get certification when I asked him initially. frankly, didn’t get much “support” beyond that initial encouragement, but now 3-years later and when I passed, random people - senior- within the firm are congratulating me. should i read into it being a bigger deal and use it to negotiate better pay? woman and foreigner, i am a bit new to using my elbows, and would appreciate real world perspective and may be some tactics of going about it…

where are you from??? CONGRATS!!! on BECOMING A CHARTERHOLDER!!!

Eliapa dont know hard work defiantely helps. but in buy-side, to be a PM, you need strong networking ability to get clients, and execellent personal and prefessional skills to keep them–that is what my boss is doing other wise, just be an analyst, the pay is not welll as sell-side, but can balance in an intelligently challenging job ANd a good lifestyle.

flyfly, thank you, i am already already in the asset management and PM (+trader,analyst etc), kind of got the nirvana. but now i feel i could use the title and would just be lovely to get more pay…

Is it just me??? Not sure what to make of this

PM-I mean portfolio manager, not the associate, not the analyst, sth that, if in hedge fund, you charge for performance; if in private wealth mgt, you charge on AUM, which means you have to network a lot… otherwise, i dont know, maybe negotiate with your boss, and… invest better with the knowledge you learned? to beat the market?