asset manager code 2009 version

stumbled across it in cfas website, somehow its been modified a bit. A statement that they have to include “[Insert name of Firm] claims compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute.” also a new risk management policy l. Risk management processes. Managers must disclose their risk management processes to clients. Material changes to the risk management process also must be disclosed. Managers should further consider regularly disclosing specific risk information and specific information regarding investment strategies related to each client. Managers must provide clients information detailing what relevant risk metrics they can expect to receive at the individual product/portfolio level. thought it might be useful for all to know…this is NOT available in the text

I am not going to bother reading that paragraph unless someone confirms this is on the exam. Need to save space for something else.

I thought Asset manager code is no longer a part of 2010 syllabus!!!plz clarify…

it’s very much part of the syllabus.

I actually went through the 2009 version but then realized there were too many changes like they went from 6 years of records keeping (from CFAI textbook) to 7 years, and Risk Management is new as well. I would stick with CFAI textbooks for sure re: AMC.