Asset Manager Code - My List

Not sure if this will help anyone, but I came up with some acronyms to remember each section of the AMC as follows: 1. Loyalty (SAC) S-alary and compensation agreements (including token gifts - cash should never be accepted) A-nti Money Laundering Policy C-onfidentiality - preserve at all times 2. Investment Process & Actions (ISEERIM) I-nfo Dissemination (Fair to all clients) S-tress Testing should be done when using derivatives E-xplain investment strategies clearly to all clients E-vents that would cause a change in strategy R-esearch & Investigation - have a resonable basis I-PS M-arket Maniuplation 3. Trading (MSFTBF = Microsoft Bogus Firewall) :slight_smile: M-aterial Non-Public Information S-oft $ policy and disclosure (cannot be used for anything but research ie: trips, seminars) F-air Treatment T-rading Priority (Clients come before personal - should have pers. trades pre-approved) B-est Execution F-irewalls in place to prevent information among departments 4. Compliance (6-COPDIE) 6 - Years of documentation/records C - ontingency Plans (Business Cont. Plan, Disasters, Client Communication) O- ffsite Backup P - rovide Copy of Code to Employees/Employer D - ocument employees acknowledging the code I - ndependent 3rd party review of portfolios and valuation E - mployee trading policies/practices 5. Performance & Valuation (VG -> Value/Growth or Value/GIPS) V-aluation (Use market values, 3rd party responsible for independent valuation) G-IPS should be implemented 6. Disclosures (TDQFAVP - makes no sense unless you work for TD Waterhouse where TDQ is the trading deparment FAV stands for favourite and P stands for place :slight_smile: T-imely Basis of information to clients D-isplinary actions v.s manager Q-uarterly Performance updates within 30 days of end of quarter F-ees net or gross and illustrate projection of fees and make available actual costs A-udits Performed V-aluation Methods disclosed P-roxy Voting policies Again, not sure any of this will be of any help to anyone but I found using the acronmys extremely helpful and was able to remember the entire topic in a matter of minutes. PJStyles

PJ - thanks! Im going to print this off - I sluffed off AMC thinking ill review that last… I had memorizing bullshiznit list after list… This ought to help out big time! Now I need to come up with some nursery rhyme for all of GIPS.

Yeah… GIPS is next for me… it’s really a pain in the A S S!

thanks PJ very helpful

Thank you!!!, Very helpful, Now we just need a brave soul to do a summary of option strategies for us!

you’re a gem. thank you.

PJ - the TD add in was beautiful (I definitely won’t forget that one)