Asset manager code

For Asset manager code,

(1) How to deal with average or expected expenses when there is a performance fee? (Reference, below d)? (2) Does Real Estate and PE also subject to “within 30 days after the end of the quarter” reporting rule (Reference, below f)? Disclosure d. Managers should also retrospectively disclose to each client the actual fees and other costs charged to the clients, together with itemizations of such charges when requested by clients. This disclosure should include the specific management fee, any incentive fee, and the amount of commissions Managers paid on behalf of clients during the period. In addition, Managers must disclose to prospective clients the average or expected expenses or fees clients are likely to incur. f. Clients may reasonably expect to receive regular performance reporting about their accounts. Without such performance information, even for investment vehicles with lock-up periods, clients cannot evaluate their overall asset allocations (i.e., including assets not held or managed by the Managers) and determine whether rebalancing is necessary. Accordingly, unless otherwise specified by the client, Managers must provide regular, ongoing performance reporting. Managers should report to clients at least quarterly, and when possible, such reporting should be provided within 30 days after the end of the quarter.

I remember GIPS also states that estimated expense is not allowed. How to tell the difference between this one and gips?