Asset Valuation and Equity -Use Schweser or CFAI???

From where (CFAI/Schweser) do you suggest that I go through the Asset Valuation and Equity section? Its massive in CFAI, is it worth the time, given that there is hardly anytime left. Or is it sufficient and understandable from Schweser? Please suggest.

I went through both and I think Schweser did a good enough job.

I would say CFAI text. The way Schweser handles some formulas and readings is very incomplete and plain weird. Plus, I found the examples and other problems in the textbook to be much better.

reading schweser, answering questions in both schweser and the cfa texts.

I havent read FSA, Asset Valuation and Equity even once. Do you still think CFAI is manageable?

Nope. Stick to Schweser then. The sheer volume of the pages will get you depressed.

Guys…am feeling way behind schedule :frowning: Dont know how to catch up :frowning:

I’d say stick to Schweser. However, if you can you should try to look through the CFAI book considering that it is one of my most important sections and the core of the Level 2 exam. Go through the Schweser notes very, very carefully and compare with the CFAI book to make sure you’re not missing anything. Also, try to go through some of the end of chapter questions (there’s plenty!). There are many of people who only use Schweser and pass, so don’t panic.

lichi…you didn’t tell us whether u are a resitter or not but even if this is your first time…take it easy do with what you have little time and a sheer determination to pass level II. here are my two cents: The CFAI text is a no go area for reading cos of the volumes but a must go for solving questions. Go tru Schweser, then go tru the end of chapter summaries in the CFAI text asking do i get the key point in this summary point? then do what all do solve the questions. The end of chapter questions tend to follow the order of the material and they have a way taking you back to the text. By the time u are done, you will be like a seasoned lik salt…hopefully. All the best!

Does anybody know the topics one ABSOLUTELY needs to cover with BOTH schweser & CFAI text??? One of them, for example, seems to be PM… any other?? Many tks!!!