Asset Valuation - Crack it in 40 days?

This is a question for those who have already studied asset valuation (i.e. Asset Valuation, Equity Investments, Fixed Income Investments, and Derivative Investments)… Can it be done in 40 days? I’ve prepared a schedule and I need to verify whether I have allocated enough time for each section… thanks…

The problem is that it depends on your particular situation. Some topics may go easier, some will be more difficult. From my experience: I prepared a schedule when studying for level 1 and there were no sessions which took just the same amount of time as it was planned. I thought that quant and fsa will be most difficult while in fact they were easiest for me. In any case good schedule will let you help to keep your time - I mean you will never get it precisely, but you will keep yourself disciplined and motivated if you refer to it from time to time and do your best.

I did asset valuation in december. I studied before work at 5-6.45 a.m. and in weekends 4 hours more. - total about 12-15 hours per week - TOTAL: about 60 hours I need to repass it later on

I agree with u Kjarro but its still good to have a feel of how bulky the section is. Bacaladitos: 60 hours, so thats 2 hours per day for 1 month… not bad.