Assimiliating back to civilian life

anyone planning to start cool hobbies? Looking for productive ways to pass time

i suggest “The Crown” from netflix, if youre into period pieces

I’ve assembled a library of good books I want to read that I think will help me professionally more than learning about swaptions…

So I am excited to get into some of those. Also probably going to take the GMAT at some point to see if I have a shot at a top 10 program, hopefully I’ll be applying as a charterholder…

Listening to a lot of audiobooks

Video games. #Nerd #DontJudgeMe :slight_smile:

God Of War on order.

Oh man, I miss playing CoD. I need to upgrade to Xbox one though.

Anyone know if WWII is any good? I know it’s relative, but I hate all the BlackOps series and did not like Infinity Warefare. MW2 was definitely my favorite. Ghosts was okay, but the maps were just too big.

getting the God of War version of PS4

I have had Super Mario Odyssey waiting for me to play it. Now that the exam is over, maybe I should give it some love.

I really need a break. I went all out on L3 because I don’t want to spend anymore of my summers this way…

PUBG. PM your discord/steam. Trash ADR welcome

Games of course.

Went straight to the mall to get myself an XB271HU after the exam and I am now ready to complete all the games in my steam library.

Looking for PUBG squad. PM me.

I’ve been gaming FIFA so hard. World Cup fever got me good. Also have been going out to eat after work. Forgot what great food tastes like.

I am watching MasterChef US and Silicon Valley and thinking to download Age of Empires definitive edition which is just remake of AOE 1 with enhanced graphic resolution.

Dude isn’t PUBG dead?

I think I’m going to hold off and snag Black Ops 4 when it’s out later this year… also considering WoW Classic (hopefully we get a release date soonish)… also have had Skyrim VR laying around that I want to get into (just get a lot of motion sickness :/)

Video game usage being cranked up to full pubg while also trying to not pack a tin a day like I did for the past 3 weeks

Overwatch on Xbox.

PS4 - God of War

XBOX One - Destiny 2 for online crucible, Witcher 3 for open world madness. Got Skyrim digitally remastered but still looks a bit blocky. Far Cry 5 may be an option too.

And if you’re from the UK, you cant go without Football Manager!

i planning to run maybe take part in a half marathon

Tennis, run, read, swim, repeat…