Aston Martin Residences

“internationally loved Aston Martin makers of some of the finest automobiles in the World will be combining forces to design and build what is to be one of Miami’s tallest, most important and iconic buildings. The Aston Martin condos in Miami will offer floor to ceiling 10 foot windows with expansive views of Biscayne Bay and or City. For decades Aston Martin has been known as the sexy brand of automobile associated with the popular James Bond films, year after year the Aston Martin cars designs keep getting sexier and slicker. As technology advances so does each design and quality of each automobile, I expect that same commitment to perfection from Aston Martin as they make history with the company’s first residential tower in the World.”

Like most people, I’d love to own an Aston Martin. Except I want mine to be huge and not be able to move. Also, it’s a condo.

lo0ks tight except the top is about to fall over.

does it come with a free car?

sweet brah

Kind of looks like male reproductive organ.

nah, looks more like the lipstick building except for the end of the shaft

Madoff office was located in this building. I think there are some law firms there now…

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