at least six"A" to pass level 3?

People say candidate need to got at least six"A"(>70) to pass level 3, it’s that true? What if most of the rest is “B”(70>B>50) , and is very near 70%, still fail? Anyone who pass level 3 got five “A” or even less? thank you

just edited, sorry for the confusion. hope more people can help for the questions, not just focus on what “A” means.

ive seen the scores of some candidates who passed level 3 last year and yes most of them had at least 6 A, but again even if you have 7-9 A and the rest are C, you may still fail…

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so it’s that a least six “A” benchmark to pass(doesn’t mean more than six A will pass, just one of the criteria), even if total marks is good?

no thats not the rule, i just said based on my observation of past results… that people who passed mostly got at least 6 A

I had no A’s in L1 and L2 and I still passed.

I also had no A’s on L3 in 2014 and failed.

Verdict: Take MissCleo’s advice.

WTF is “A”?


Here… keep yourself busy and look through prior results threads to find out how many “A’s” one needs to pass:








hi g2g. I get what you’re asking, for L2 I used this chart as a guide for my focus,

(the bottom bar chart)

If you can find something similar for L3 I’d be ecstatic.

ok found it…

It’s a vowel.

Vowels are important.

if you wanna lie, make sure you do it better than a six year old

you’re welcome

i got 7 “Cs” in 2014 and passed

I’ll take a vowel, please.

+1 :slight_smile:

In all my years of the CFAI program as a candidate / charterholder, i have NEVER heard of >70’s bucket as being called an “A”.

If you got a 71 on a test, how is that an A??