At the rate of 400 points down per day on no news

We should be at the DOW 7000 figure very shortly.

Pushing 450 yikes.

I just want the down -15% day so we can get this over with already. That’s about how far we have to go from here to match the peak to trough performance in the tech collapse.

S&P could close below 1000.

Sector BUY_ImbalVal SELL_ImbalVal NET_ImbalVal Financials $1,767,928 -$703,185,091 -$701,417,163 S&P Daily MOO&MOC Imbalance wow

what does that mean?

just broke the pscyhological 1000 barrier. They tried to push it back up at the end but I think we closed around 997

I should just sell all my investments and give the proceeds to charity. Would be quicker and less painful than watching my holdings go to zero slowly.

value on buy side vs sell side for MOC&MOO … a lot more sellers eh?

Everyday I keep thinking this will be the monster -1,000+ point drop. Damn, the S&P fell below 1,000. I need a beer.

Make it 500 down.