At what age do you have to retire from AF?

I’m thinking you should start considering it at 45, or five years post Level III pass, whichever is later, unless you are actively helping with candidate’s studies…

You are not allowed to post anymore after you die. That’s pretty much the rule, though many people choose to take early retirement.

Once inducted into the AF Hall of Fame.

I’m going to include in my will a clause for my trustee to pose as me on AF. As long as he keeps using key phrases like "hacksaw, plumbing, top 2, models and bottles, " I think I can keep fooling all of you

Why you hatin’ on those of us with life experience?

^If the old stick around, the young won’t stay and the water cooler will die. We can’t hide our wrinkles with our screen names.

Young posters are overrated anyway. Who cares if they don’t show up. Or (more likely) if they don’t move out of the exam level forums.

How many times do you want to answer the question of whether someone can get a Portfolio Manager position at a brand name hedge fund after having cleared his L1, anyway??

What if my vengeful spirit comes back??? Oooooooooooh, so scaaaaary!!! devil

Why won’t they stay? Are they intimidated by those of us who actually know how the world works? Are you looking for the WC to be a bastion of ignorance? I don’t claim to add any value myself, but fellow geriatrics (bchad and s2000 come immediately to mind) add tremendous value here that younger posters should value. Youngsters who aren’t able to see that and leave really aren’t much of a loss.

Six months after however old I am.

The WC ID definitely the most intimidating forum…as it should be.

Posting only to be in the hall of fame should preclude one from being in the hall of fame

All the talk about Depends seems to be scaring the PYTs away. A little depressing around here.

You should try the Luxury Depends. Pure Egyptian cotton with a new tech gel that lets you hand them down lovingly to Junior when the time is right. You can order them from Tiffany’s in either ivory white or Tiffany blue.

PS: I disagree with higgs on politics a lot, but I think he adds value to the forum (even in political discussions: I respect informed and logically argued opposition like higgs; it is far preferable to those who just think in terms of slogans).

Water Cooler got old gaiz. It used to be all about nuppal doing some college girls in the shower. Now, people talk about which theme park to bring their kids to, and what rental property is the best for tax deduction.

who da oldest dude on AF?

The question and premise of this thread are poppycock.

There are still conversations like vacation spots, watches to buy, exercise routines, etc…

Young wipper schnappers are welcome to post stuff, and some of it is in fact interesting. They just need to keep the language from diving into the cesspit of graphic sexual one-upsmanship (and race/ethnic baiting) that should stay limited to frathouse, not here. Innuendo is ok (here in WC) but graphic stuff is not.

Only if one takes it seriously. But why would anyone take it seriously?

Edit: referring to the negative stuff obviously

And much like a running back, you only have so many years. Probably best for the poster’s health to eventually consider retirement.