At what point are you willing to let chance decide your CFA fate

What kind of risk are you willing to take to let your score be determined by random luck. I think that if I was offered a 75% chance of passing/25% chance of failing, I would be willing to take that risk. So basically if someone came to me with a bag of four socks or something and 3 of them were blue and 1 was red and they said if I pulled a blue sock out I would pass, I would do it.

i think i would go as low as a coin toss

If i was given 4 doors; behind 3 were brazilian super models and behind one was a spanish super model…I’d totally take those odds

…I’ll let you know Aug. 20th

It really depends on MPS, your actual score and your ability to estimate both of those. Personally I wouldn’t go for 75%.

I’d go for 50%, as long as I didn’t have to study, and could re-flip next year with the same odds. And if I can flip twice a year for Level I.