At what point do you stop caring before your 2 weeks' notice?

I just finalized an offer for decent pay hike for a junior position at a different firm. i’ve been dealing with this for about a quarter so i’ve had plenty of time to train-up other staff to ensure an appropriate transition since i know the new firm and their team. Also, for me this means that there’s more $ and growth potential, so this is almost a done deal. I’m comfortable enought that I’ve even let them know two weeks in advance of my 2 weeks notice, to be nice. I.e., i’ve actually giving 30 days notice (official written 2 weeks notice is this Thursday the 30th) but with the intention of them coordinating my replacement and staff changes, and/or make a relaistic counteroffer.

Until now i’ve diligently slowly trained other staff and ensured tasks are getting done and delegated.

but frankly, today was that point where i stopped giving a dam. Still working hard, but also with that hope that they let me go early so i can take a longer vacation between jobs…

Am i jumping the gun? I rarely change jobs, so this feels weird/awkward…

fyi: i like my current firm, so no uncomfortable ‘resignation’ is involved here.

Closer you get to going the harder it is to care. Reputation is really the only thing that kept me doing anything before I left my last job. Last 2 days I really didnt do much of anything though

I gave 3 weeks to my last firm. On hindsight, I could have used the week off. The firm will grind on with or without you. Don’t underestimate the benefit of taking a week or two off between work.

Thanks YW,

way ahead on that; i intentionally worked harder these last few quarters to ensure a couple of vital prjects could be ready to launch just in time for Q2 at the latest. There is no mistaking by anyone in my firm that i was largely responsible for that.

Plus that buys me breathing room.

agreed; althought i gave early notice, i intentionally gave the new firn an August 1st to August 15th start date to work in some vacation and regroup before then.

I stopped caring about 3 months before I even had a new offer.