At what stage do you start to feel confident / nervous?

I’m hitting steady mid 70s in the Kaplan, Fitch and CFAI mocks I’ve completed. Though, as other posters have mentioned, it’s a stagnation around this area across 5-6 full mocks (72-75). Breaking 80 on some older CFAI mocks, but thats mainly because of the repetition of questions.

In the past, has this typically been an indicator of a passing final score, and how have people felt once they’ve been hitting these scores and then taking the exam…

Well, I’ve been hitting mid 80s now and 90s in CFAI topic questions

but after reading last years topic with after-exam reactions I’m just terrified

I don’t know what to expect and if I should confident at this moment

exam day

i am in late 60s and early 70s in cfai mocks. and m scoring 80s in cfai topic ques. Now for this week i plan to just revise on concepts i have been getting wrong, formulae. I dont lan to give anymore mocks as question are repeating in cfai now and i feel alot of questions i already know the answers of.