At work next week?

anybody else going to be at work pretty much all next week too? Feel pretty horrible given all the people taking off next week, but compensating for that by being virtually useless while I’m here and checking this forum alot (probably not a good idea since obviously it just adds to the nervousness). Just curious if alot of others were in the same boat and if they’re doing anything different to stay focused. ok back to work.

One of my colleagues scored 56% on a mock exam last week and said that he has all the time in the world this weekend and evenings to pass it. Therefore, he will be working all week. I’m the gay homosexual now who needed the time off for Level 2. Either I pass as everyone expects now or I fail and i’m the loser - especially if that guy somehow does pass. Quite frankly, I can’t stand the idea of not passing so I’m not taking any chances.

I will be at work most of the week. however, i will be doing qbank a lot of the time i’m at work so it is like I won’t be here

I’m only taking Friday off. My backup has the week off for Level 1. At least if I don’t pass, I won’t be regretting my lack of remaining vacation for the summer.

I might be able to weasel out of Friday too, would take off more time if I could. and I will be doing some qbank at work next week too and wont feel guilty since they’ll be better off if I happen to pass.

I’m off M&T but in last 3 days of week. Hoping to work from home at least Friday.